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Mr. Mordechai (Moti) Mishani graduated the law faculty in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with excellence in 1969 and began working as an attorney in 1970.

Mr. Mishani specialized in civil-commercial law and in particular, real estate law. He specialized in negotiation and sales agreements in the real estate field, and in representing companies in court.

At the same time he was engaged in public activity. From 1986 to 1990 he served as an advisor to Mr. David Levy who served as the Prime Minister Deputy and the Minister of Construction and housing. Mr. Mishani also served as a director in different government companies, including Helmish and Amidar.

In 2001 Mr. Mishani became a member of the Israeli parliament – the Knesset. During the time he was at the Knesset (until 2003) he was a member in different parliamentary committees, including the house committee, the state control committee, the internal affairs and environment committee and the labor, welfare and health committee.

Mr. Mishani also initiated the establishment of the inquiry committee on traffic accidents in the 15th Knesset and was a member of the inquiry committee on social disparity.

In 2003 Mr. Mishani returned to his law office in Tel-Aviv.

Mr. Mordechai Mishani

עורך דין ונוטריון מרדכי משעני ז"ל
עורך דין ונוטריון מרדכי משעני ז"ל


(1945-2013), ADV and a Notary

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